Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IMPORTANT Updates and Reminders!

Hi Ladies,

Here are a few very important updates and reminders:

1) On Friday, March 27th, the Torrey Hills 6:15am and 8:30am classes with both be held at Torrey Pines for a fun trail run. For any new girls, the address is 12600 North Torrey Pines Road (exit from Hwy 5 at Carmel Valley Road. Drive west for about 1.5 miles until you reach the Coast Highway 101. Turn left and proceed along the beach for about a mile. The park entrance is on your right, please park on the highway and walk through the main gate) . We will plan on meeting at the picnic tables and will leave promptly at the start of class, please be on time.  Everyone is invited to join in this great work out!

2) We will hold a last chance weigh in for all girls that are participating in the current competition, on Saturday, March 28th at 7:45am. For all of you that have met your body fat goals but may be a pound or two off from your weight goal, you will have one more chance to be in the running for the grand prize. In order to stay in the competition you must be there on time and ready to be weighed!

3) Please don't forget that this Saturday is the last day of class, I can't believe how fast this 12 weeks has gone.  All girls that are signing up for the next session, make sure that you have your applications and payment to me by that day in order to be in the running for either a $100 LuLulemon gift card or $100 off of the next class.  

4) For anyone  interested, we will be having a pot luck breakfast to celebrate the last day of class during our awards ceremony. It would be great if you could bring a healthy baked good for other girls to try!:)

5) Since so many of you have lost a great deal of weight, there is no sense in keeping clothes in your closet that are too big! After class on Saturday, we will have a clothing swap where all of you girls can exchange clothes -- it's a great way to save money and to help other girls in the class.

6) Last but not least, for any of you that signed up for the "Girls Night In" on April 5th, please make sure to bring your $5 to me by Saturday. 

I look forward to seeing all of you at class and am very excited by all of the amazing results that you have had in fitness assessments and measurements! Keep up the hard work:)

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