Sunday, March 22, 2009

Optimal Nutrition

Last week I picked up my first week of Optimal Nutrition meals. One bag for Dan and one for me. They have a home delivery service or a free pick up at various locations.
I wanted to test out Optimal Nutrition before recommending it to any of the girls in class.

It is so easy to go on the Optimal Nutrition website and input your information (weight, activity level, goal weight) and they calculate based on your goals and activity level how many calories you need and how many calories the meals are. Each meal has a printed label on it with my name and all the nutrition information for my meal.

I ordered the same meals for Dan and I, but mine are only 295 calories and average about 20g protein and his are 783 calories and average about 60g protein.

Dan's is the bigger stack mine is the smaller stack.

I was concerned about having the storage space in my refrigerator and freezer for the meals, but I was happy to see that they easily stack on top of each other because they are vacuum packed so they don't take up a lot of room.

Lasagna- Dan's portion on top and mine on the bottom
The meals are so so good! The pictures don't give them justice to how much flavor they have.
They are all organic and they use great products/food. The lasagna had lots of great vegetables and lean turkey meat.

Mediterranean Chicken-
I keep them in the freezer and the night before I pull out what meal I want for the next day and put it in the refrigerator.
I just walk in the door pre-heat the oven to 350 and throw the meals into the oven for about 10min and they are done. I can also put them in the microwave if I needed to, but they taste better in the oven.

This meal I just heated up and threw in a container, so I could take it harmed up with me to work. I put it in an insulated cooler to keep it warm.

I love having the meals each day, so I only have to plan two of my meals and snacks. It saves me so much time, dishes, and adds in great variety. My meals are only $11, which I think is a great deal for having them all organic, balanced meals, enough protein, calories already calculated, fresh, and makes healthy eating easy. I think this is great for people who are really busy, trying to lose weight, moms who just had a baby, or for those who don't like to cook and clean.

They also keep in the freezer, which is great so you don't have to worry about them going bad if you didn't eat the meal.

They also ship nationwide, so if you don't live in San Diego, you can still get these great meals.

I've looked into several meal delivery services and really like what Optimal Nutrition has to offer. It is nice that they have a lot of options as to how many meals a day/week that you would like.

You can also taste how good their meals are at boot camp girls night in Sunday April 5th at 4pm.

Their website is:

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