Monday, October 12, 2009

Craving Chocolate?

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream is to die for...and really what ice cream has 6g of fiber in it.
Don't get freaked out by the crazy high amount of fat in the ice cream. It is make with coconut milk so the fat is a medium chain fatty acid that better for body. A little bit goes a long way and is really satisfying.
I like the chocolate hazelnut.

Kookie Karma
I like these Kookie Karma because they are gluten & soy free, vegan, & flourless.
The truffle and chocolate chip does not taste good, but this choco lot is really yummy.
Chocolate Larabars are like a chocolate brownie.
Endangered Species are individually wrapped, which I like - Finding a dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa or higher is good to get all the health benefits from the chocolate.

I love to mix steel cut oatmeal with one square of dark chocolate.


  1. I love that flavor of Coconut Bliss!! So divine :)

  2. Hi VeggieGirl,

    I love all the recipes you have on your site! I recently found out that I'm allergic to soy, dairy, yogurt, eggs, and peanuts, so I'm excited to make some of your great recipes.