Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Live Well Project


I have recently become a team member volunteer for the LIVE WELL PROJECT!

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010, 10am to 4pm

Location: Downtown San Diego on 335 6th Ave in b/w J & K:

Our Team wants to emphasize the importance of health and confidence to young women through a special day of fitness, health, and self-esteem boosting events. Our target group is 12-19 year old inner city girls. The mission is to share the knowledge that a parent would: how to take care for oneself physically and emotionally.

The day will include activities related to feeling beautiful on the inside and out, fitness, and healthy eating. Giveaways and prizes will include: clothing, grooming kits, manicure/pedicure, & hair styling gift certificates. We will create a fun and educational environment with talks/seminars on healthy eating and volunteer-lead exercise groups. Donations from nutritional, local fitness facilities, clothing and sporting companies will provide the guests with tangible memories of the day!

We need YOUR help for our fundraiser so that we can provide T-Shirts and Yoga mats for these young girls to have for the day of the event. We would like to give each of them with their very own Yoga Mat that they can take home with them to continue the healthy exercises learned during the workshops!

Your donation of just $5 will help us reach our goal!

To find out more info about the event and to DONATE, please go to:
Want to become a Volunteer or Sponsor? Please email:

Thank you for your support!
- Jessica

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