Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Banana Soft Serve or Ice Cream

Such a simple healthy dessert that is delicious. Frozen bananas in the food processor for ~5 min and it comes out like soft serve. It also freezes well and is then more of the consistency of ice cream/soft sorbet. It is nice to have on hand when craving something sweet. It is very satisfying and filling.

I have the mini food prep, which I love for small things or when making one serving or chopping small things. However, I've been wanting to get the big food processor, but because I have the Vita Mix was concerned about not getting enough use out of it for the cost and the storage space. The one above I borrowed from my neighbor. Thanks Jessica :) It has been a week now and I don't want to return it, so I think I need to just buy one. Now that I'm following the Paleo Diet (will talk more about in another post) the toaster got moved to the garage along with all the other grains, flours, beans, and legumes and having a new gadget for some new recipes will be good to mix it up a little. I'm really excited about making cauliflower rice when I get it. Put raw cauliflower in with the right blade and it comes out like rice, then cook it. It will be the recipe of the week if it turns out.

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