Monday, March 22, 2010

Love the Nut Guy

If you have not been to the Little Italy Farmers market, mark it on your calender to hit it up this Saturday. I love the guy signing Mexican music on one end and the other local artist that they have playing and singing on the corner. The food is so fresh and good. It just feels so good to shop here. I love that you see the ocean at the end of the street. If you get there early, parking is normally not a problem.

Terra Bella Ranch has amazing nuts and great customer service. I has such a bad experience with a health food store in Carmel Valley last week that it motivates me even more to give my business to great business with good customer service. He is so friendly and nice and I like that they are two local family owned ranches that work together.

I never tasted a walnut so good- really it has a good buttery taste. I've been eating them just as a snack with strawberries or apples. One of the healthiest nuts out there. They taste 100x fresher than the crappy ones I've been buying at the store.

They also had red walnuts, but the buttery tasting ones above are my favorite.
Thanks nut guy! Sorry... I don't remember your name, but I will stop in again next week :) Maybe I will bring some to class for you ladies to try if you have your journals with you and filled out.


  1. Hi Jessica! We just got back from the Little Italy Farmer's Market and I loved the nut guy, too :) See you Wednesday!

  2. Hi Heather,
    I just got back from the Little Italy Farmer's Market too. I wish I would have know your were there. It was such a nice day and Dan met me down there to shop & have lunch. I just love it there :)

  3. What a bummer! We were looking for you guys, but didn't see you anywhere :( I need to get your number! Such a lovely day! Glad you guys had a good time. See ya soon :)

  4. Terra Bella RanchMarch 29, 2010 at 9:33 AM

    Hi, I am the nut guy! My name is Jeff. My wife Nicolina and I sell all of our fresh produce at several local farmers markets in the area. Glad you enjoy the nuts and stop by anytime to see us! Saturday: Temecula, Vista, Little Italy. Sunday: La Jolla, Hillcrest, Leucadia. EAT WELL, BE WELL!