Monday, April 12, 2010

Fit 2 Wed Appreciation Dinner

We missed all of you ladies that were not able to make it. can make the party for the next class.  I'm planning a Nordstrom special after hours shopping party to snag all the good Anniversary Sale items before it gets all picked over.  It is perfect timing for the end of our next class and to get some new clothes after dropping a few sizes.  
I had such a great time hanging out with all of you ladies at the appreciation dinner. I hope you enjoyed your gifts.
Thanks so much to Julie @ the Cask Room for preparing our nice healthy dinner, Mhedi for being a great bar tender, and to Stephanie & Mike for having such an awesome venue for our party.  
I had my sister's co-ed baby shower there and it was the perfect atmosphere.  If you have not been there it is nice because there such a good feel there with the decor, lighting, people, etc.  I like that there are couches that make you feel like you are in comfort of your own living room.  They also have high bar tables that make it a good place to mingle and socialize and I think they have live music on the weekends. 
Brianna and I are so thankful to have all of you girls in our lives.  You ladies are so fun to train, incredibly hard workers, great positive attitudes (even @ 5:15am), & we are thankful we are able to help you be the best women you can be. 


  1. Thank you Jessica for a wonderful party! It was so fun to see everyone and share our bootcamp stories. Thank you for radiating your positive energy into our lives!!!

  2. de passage sur ton blog je viens te souhaiter une bonne journée de