Sunday, May 2, 2010

Problem Solved- Love my Toaster Oven

So...I've been trying for over a year to stop using the blasted microwave, but it is so hard!  So much nutrients is lost when microwaving your food.

Dr. Colbert stated in his book that "One study that showed that only 6 min of microwave cooking destroyed 1/2 the vitamin b12 in dairy foods and meats, a much higher rate of destruction than other cooking methods.  In another test, microwaved broccoli lost between 87-97% of several major caner-protecting antioxidants"

The problem is I did not have anything to replace it with.  The stove is great, but then I have more pans to wash.  The oven is good, but it takes a while to heat up.  I finally broke down and added one more appliance to my precious counter space.  I'm kicking myself for not investing in this a long time ago. I love it.  It warms the food evenly and it makes leftovers taste 100x better. 

I'm spending the extra money on good organic produce, so I for sure don't want to zap all that nutrients by microwaving it.  Invest in your health and get one if you don't already. 

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