Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anti-Cellulite Trick

Got cellulite?  Try this amazing anti-cellulite trick.
Collect your used coffee grounds from your coffee maker. 

If you don't drink coffee, try to get some from you neighbors & friends like I do. Thanks a million Terra :)  It was so funny she asked me what I was planting and I had to explain not planting anything just rubbing them all over my butt and thighs.  
You can also get a bag from your local Starbucks to avoid any explanation. 

Step 1- get wet in the shower and grab a hand full and rub the grounds in a circular motion on the areas you have cellulite
Step 2- let them sit on your skin for ~10 min
Step 3- rinse (and rinse out your tub b/c it can get messy

add olive oil or lotion to your grounds and/or wrap your legs in saran wrap after you put the coffee grounds on. 

Make sure it is caffeinated coffee because it is the caffeine does the magic! 

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  1. how much coffee grinds to lotion do you suggest using for the variation?