Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whole Foods Tour

  • CONFUSED about what to eat? 
  • Are you BORED with eating the same things everyday?
  • Interested in what foods in that help to Burn fat, Aid in digestion, Energize, Detox, and give you life and vitality?   
Do you ever see strange vegetables in the produce section that you don't know what they are or even what to do with them?

If you have never gone to Whole Foods, or if you get overwhelmed just walking in, you don't want to miss this trip.  
Whole Foods is packed with great finds for the best organic produce and the highest quality natural and organic products.  
The problem is there is just so much good stuff there it can be overwhelming and one little bag can cost an arm and a leg. 

Join us for a tour through Whole Foods to see what is worth every penny and what you should get else where so it stays Whole Foods and not Whole Paycheck!

You will also be able to sample some of my favorite items :) 

Join me on a tour through Whole Foods to discover what foods help energize, detox, and give you life & vitality.  

Cost: Free for those enrolled in the full program.  $50 per person (you do not have to be in Fit 2 Wed in order to attend- all are welcome :) 

Sunday October 3rd 8-9:30am
Whole Foods in UTC La Jolla (We will meet at the front entrance near the flowers/produce)
8825 Villa La Jolla Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037

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