Friday, October 22, 2010

hate working out?

I miss you Fit 2 Wed girls so so much!

It is 6:30pm and I'm still sitting in my workout clothes dreading the fact that I need to get out there and go for an easy run.  Every time I planned on going something new came up that I had to do or got in my way.
I'm dreading going by myself because yesterday I forced myself to stay on the elliptical and could not stop looking at the clock.  It was so boring!  I've already tried to get a few of my friends that live near me to go with me on a run, but had no luck.
I'm contemplating calling it a day, but I don't want to have stayed in workout clothes all day with not even a little workout. 
Luckily I have my dog Duke that will never say no to a run.

Thinking of you girls- know you are missed and I'm so fired up for this next session!  I love that class in early in the day and done with.  I love that I have so much more energy and I'm way way more productive when I've done class with you girls.  I love getting to see you each week and it is motivating just being around all of you.   Working out without you sucks :(

Can't wait to see you on Monday :)

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  1. we miss you too! looking forward to another session!