Monday, May 9, 2011

Do you need a venue for your Engagement Party?

 I went to an engagement party at Rockin Baja in Old Town and it was such a fun venue.  They had a private section reserved in the back with tables set up.  They had a delicious buffet and the food was really good.
 It was perfect to have your guests mingle and talk as well as sit and enjoy the meal.
 Congratulations April & Andrew!  We can't wait for your wedding :)
 I didn't take the best pics, it is way better in person. This was before most of the people got there.
They have a waterfall in the back, which makes it nice.

Since..I'm talking about good Mexican food I have to also throw a shout out to Ponce's in Kensington. I had a dinner there for the Fit 2 Wed girls to sample their new "healthy" menu options and it was delicious.  It is a family owned business that puts so much love into offering quality food as well as service to their customers. I highly recommend checking them out.  It is so nice to support quality people's businesses.  I love that they had a dinner fundraiser after the earthquake happened to raise money for those people in need those are the kind of people I want my money to go to.  Thanks Liz and Ponce for all that you do to serve the communities near and far.

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