Thursday, June 23, 2011

The adoption album is here :)

 I got our adoption album a few weeks ago, but wanted to share it with you before I send it off.
Yesterday was a HUGE day for me as I finished all of the paper work on my end for the adoption. I go tomorrow morning to get the last 7 papers notarized (thank you Lindsay Dauber- You are a huge blessing!)  and then it goes to Sacramento to get notarized, then off to South Africa :) I'm just SO overwhelmed with JOY.  I could do nothing except cry tears of joy and praising God for his leading and the peace I feel as we take each step along the way to being able to adopt our little baby. 

 They want to see pictures of our family, friends, community, house, etc.  These are pics from Dan's childhood. 

 My childhood
 I love that picture of my brother Eric with the red hat and me with the yellow sunglasses. 

  Our wedding pictures.  The best day of my life.
 Our ski/snowboard trips with the family
  Our community and our house and the empty babies room
The great grandparents
my crazy family
my parents & nieces and nephews
Dan's parents & friends & family
Our church family & game nights - I love that newly wed game
our families
we LOVE our nieces and nephews - they mean the world to us
what we like to do with our friends - hiking
Our careers
Dan & our nephews
what we like to do- most things involving water and being outside
our friends
Thomas family Christmas
enjoy going to the beach
my family
family & friends

I'm so grateful for all of our friends and family who are so supportive and also share in our excitement during this journey of adopting.  I feel so overwhelmed by the love we have from all of our friends and family.

I thank all of you Fit 2 Wed girls for being so supportive and understanding with me having to teach less to be ready to travel and to be able to stay at home more with our new baby when that time comes.  I appreciate your prayers and encouragement during this special season in my life.  You girls mean so much to me!   Fridays and Saturday's are my favorite days because I get to see all of you. 


  1. What a great book! You better be careful they don't send you home with all the babies in the country with this application!

  2. WOW!! The Adoption book turned out great! LOVE IT!! So glad the paperwork is done. I hope Spring comes quickly!!

  3. Will you still be adopting?