Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seriously...this is my backyard!

 I still freak out everyday that I live here.  I would continuously praise God for being able to live in San Diego cause it is just beautiful and has everything. I love San Diego, but He has something better for us now.  I mean the lake is my backyard.  I just jumped off my dock and swam in the lake for my workout yesterday.  Are you kidding me?  I love it. 
 I'm so thankful that we have been blessed with such amazing neighbors who go to our same church. They took us out on their boat to wake board and water ski. 
 She pulled out 1 ski and I asked her " have another ski in there right?!" Well...I guess people don't waterskii with 2 anymore.  So..I'm learning to single ski.  I need some work..well....maybe more than just some work I need a lo of work, but it was so fun.  I recommend always doing different activities cause I worked so many different muscles I had no idea I would be this sore.

It was good for me because it really made me think about the girls in my class.  As I'm getting all these instructions, arms in, lean back, weight on front foot, push with my legs, head up, etc.... I would just focus on one thing at a time and not get up or would get dragged.  Eventually, it all came together and I was up.  If you are just getting into making lifestyle changes to take care of yourself, hang in there!  It may time concentration and more effort at first, but keep a good attitude and keep getting back up, eventually you will be doing it naturally without even thinking about it.  Just don't stay down when you fall. It is about putting a smile on, don't beat yourself up, you are not perfect, and keep trying cause it is worth the effort :)
Dan is a freaking rock star at whatever he does!  I love watching him. 
If you are trying to make lifestyle changes to care for yourself, get around others who are doing it.  Surround yourself with people who are positive, that also exercise self control, and are not lazy.  
Learn from them and watch them it can be motivating.  Be around people in your life that encourage you and support you.  Dan is awesome cause even though I could not get up and the boat had to keep coming back to get me. I could see him smiling at me in the boat and he would say just the right things to encourage me to keep on trying and not feel like a complete loser that I can't get up.  Since, mostly women read my blog, try to do the same for your husband. Be his biggest fan, supporter, cheerleader, and companion. Let them know how you admire them and appreciate all they do for your family and you can probably watch your husband literally change before your eyes.  It is awesome!  Remember you are on the same team, so build each other up so you have a stronger team to have victory. 

I recommend:
1. Get to know your neighbors, it can make life way more fun. 
2. Take time this summer to for quality family time to just enjoy being together and have fun together.  One thing that really makes our marriage off the charts is that we laugh together and have fun together. We still feel like we are dating. 

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