Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camera Broke :(

I'm so sad my camera won't even turn on, but I have to tell you that Dan and I just got back from Montana for my brother Chad's wedding.
I'll post pics when I can.
I always get stopped at security every time, but this time the officer said "now..I've never seen that before".

I had a last min idea as I was packing to take my oatmeal (steel cuts, kamut flakes, quinoa flakes, rolled oats, & cinnamon - I know not Paleo, but I've created my own personal way of eating designed especially for me and my body)

anyways....I put the batch in a square pyrex, refigerated, slid it out, put it in a gallon size back, and froze it to use as my ice pack in my cooler as I traveled.

It worked out great!  I recommend FREEZING what you can to save room in the cooler and because if the ice packs defrost security will take it away.  I know because they took one of my favorite ice packs :(

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