Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food on the Brain

Hi F2W Rock Stars,

1. This Saturday's Class 7/23 @ Torrey Hills Community Park @ 7:30-8:45am
Interstate 5 exit on to Carmel Mountain Rd, exit 32 (from Local Bypass/CA-56). Turn Right onto Carmel Mountain Rd. Turn Right onto Vista Sorrento Pkwy. Turn Left at Calle Mar De Mariposa, past the elementary school, and into Torrey Hills Community Park (drive straight up into the park, we meet by the picnic tables).
 I attached the application, please just email it back or print it and bring it to class by Saturday April 23rd.  If you plan on doing class or not doing class, please let me know either way.  If your membership covers the next session, you do not need to fill out another application. 

2. The FUN does not have to end.  You can maintain your results or continue towards your goals with the next session. Starting August 8th!  I emailed the application, please email or mail in by Saturday July 23rd. 

3. Journals are in!  I have more journals if you are running out of pages, just bring $20 and I will bring them to class Friday & Saturday. 

4. Last Day of this Session = 7/30 = Mission Bay = 7:30-8:45am = Total Body Burn Workout & Healthy Potluck Luck

"Consider: one good way to deal with "food on the brain" is to determine to outlast it. Usually a compulsion to eat is short-lived. Post-pone gratifying it for 30 min, and you'll almost always find the desire has diminished. An added benefit is that you will be strengthened each time you are able to outlast the compulsive urge" - Faithfully fit

"NO temptation is resistible"

love you girls.

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