Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love Winco

 I just found out about Winco recently, which is a grocery store similar to Food 4 Less, but WAY nicer!
I'm really trying to spend less each month on my grocery bill and shopping here is helping. I'm keeping track of all the changes I'm making, so I will share all my secrets and the % I have been able to save each month. 
 At Winco, they have REAL bees making the honey that you can just make your own container of!!! LOVE it :)
 They also have the bins of stuff like Henry's, but WAY more stuff.  They have individual bags of tea (Stasha- or some popular brand like that) you can buy for .09 cents!
I go to the one off of Winchester in Temecula, next to Trader Joe's to knock out two stores in 1 trip.
You have to bag your own groceries, but who cares.  I would rather do a little work than stand there watching someone else do it for me. 

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