Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Buy is like Nordstrom

I love Best Buy for electronics and Nordstrom for everything else.  The strap on my dress broke in the parking lot right before I was going to give a presentation and Nordstrom will take it back and order me another one :)

My camera also broke, which is why the decline in posts, but they gave me the upgraded version for free :)
So now I have a new camera.  I did pay for that black tie (something like that) program for about $20, but well worth it I have had to use to several times for my camera and bluetooth.  Thank you Best Buy & Nordstrom :)

 If I need a boost of energy, juicing fresh vegetables and fruits are the way to go for me.  It is like taking a shot of energy with no side effects.  I  love it :)

Since, moving out of San Diego, I have been morning the loss of near by health food stores, but I'm so happy to have found Sprouts Natural Market not too far away.  If you live in Temecula it is by the mall.
It's too expensive to always shop there, but for those hard to find items it's nice to know I don't have to drive an hour a way. 

There juice bar is amazing!!! They have egg white protein powder, coconut ice cream, and much more. 

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