Friday, September 16, 2011

Who the Heck am I?

I would post ideas for you, but honestly I don't recommend eating what I have been eating at all.

I'm just posting this so you girls can have a laugh.
Anyone who knows me (even those that don't but just follow my blog) know that I LOVE healthy food.  I hate to admit this, but I'm kinda a processed food, fast food snop- I really turn my nose up to that crap and refuse to put it in my body. I just love how good eating real food makes me feel and all the benefits.  

Anyways....This pregnancy has been VERY humbling for me. I used to say "I would NEVER eat that if I was pregnant" and horrible insensitive things. I honestly didn't know better. I thought some (not all women) would just eat whatever cause they felt like they could just let themselves go now. That this is the one time in their life it is "okay" to gain weight. I wish I could take back all those horrible things I thought.  I know for me that is the farthest thing from the truth. I'm a very disciplined person, but I feel like my body just is not my own anymore. I don't even know who I am now. I hate to admit these thoughts, but I have no pride and feel and apology is due.  I also wouldn't be surprised if I was the only one who have thought these things either.  I appreciate this new grace and understanding for pregnant women. 

It has been the weirdest thing in my life.  But....get this ladies....the only thing I crave is fast food and foods I have literally sworn off!  I hate it, but honestly it is the only thing I want - NOTHING else sounds good and you know what. It makes me feel amazing!  Normally...I don't eat that stuff because it will literally make me sick, but not now. It doesn't have the same effect on me. It helps with the nauseousness :) 

The one time I did eat something I didn't feel like that was a little bit healthier it ended up all over the side of the road. It was not pretty, so I just have to do what I can to get through this season.

I can't even remember that last time I ate cheese cause I'm allergic to dairy and it causes major problems, but now I crave dairy everyday and it causes no problems. It is SO weird. 

I've been SO sick. Been in bed for about a week!  I really thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones that doesn't get sick.  That's not the case, but I'm so thankful it is a daily reminder that their is still a little baby or two growing in me. 

I had to take a picture for you girls because it's just so unbelievable - here is the proof.

I pray that the crazy cravings will end soon. As this is not food I would feed my children, but I pray for God's graciousness  to provide whatever nutrients to the baby or babies and believe there must be a reason my body wants dairy, salt, carbs, and fat. I really think I just need the fat and the calories.  So bring on the pizza (for now at least)! 

Thanks to all my girls who have offered their advice to what helps them and to those who have or are experiencing the same cravings as me. It is so nice to know I'm not alone.

I do think it is interesting that most of the women I know who starting craving pizza, burgers, and fries when pregnant are all lean and super healthy eaters.  

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  1. When I was pregnant I wanted Totinos pizza rolls!??!! I hadn't eaten them since 5th grade... I went through the same thing eating bits of junk food here and there. The nausea kept me from eating a lot of things that were good for me. I would literally start dry heaving if I put a piece of steamed broccoli in my mouth, and it is one of my favorite foods that I eat probably 4 or 5 times a week!
    Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to eat healthy later. Just focus on keeping the food down for now ;)
    I can't wait to hear more about your pregnancy!