Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I will be the best they have ever seen

Know I know I'm going to have to fight to get back to the same fitness level post-baby when I went to workout today and my right arm is actually sore from playing Wii tennis and bowling with my nephews Nathan and Ryan.  Well....at least I know my right arm got a workout in yesterday. 

For all the other pregnant girls following my blog and those that aren't I wanted to share what helps me.

When I'm in spin class climbing up some imaginary hill or sprinting to some imaginary finish line 
I say "I will be the best they have ever seen" 
I heard Christina Applegate say this about her labor and adopted it as my own to motivation. I'm actually embarrassed to tell you that this is what I say to myself when I'm workout out, but it helps me so I had to share it. 

Now I have so much more motivation to workout because I feel like it's not just me that needs the benefits its the baby too. Although, most importantly I want to be strong mentally and physically to push this baby out. 

Working out is just one of those things that empowers you to feel like you can take on anything.  I have no tolerance to pain as I cried just getting my eyebrows threaded, but for some reason I can handle workout pain. I think because I've learned to train my mind, so I'm hoping I can transfer those skills when d-day comes.  

To all my pregnant followers check out all these reasons below to get motivated to get moving


45 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Pregnant.

Posted by Travis

Exercising while pregnant can be quite a controversial issue.  The argument has died down quite a bit from only a couple years ago, but there are still some that believe you shouldn’t exercise pregnant.  This mind frame usually comes from more of an “old fashion” way of thinking.  It was believed once that women should not have to get on their feet during pregnancy.  I know a lot of you women are probably thinking about how great this is.  When it comes down to improving your pregnancy, you should consider all the reasons why you should exercise pregnant first.

45)  Fight chronic diseases
Exercising can help prevent and decrease many serious chronic diseases like heart problems, obesity, and many more.
44)  Helps you eat healthy foods (so true- works for me)
When you exercise, you begin to see results which fuels you further.  If eating healthy foods has been a problem for you in the past, exercising can help you stay on a healthy diet.  The more you exercise the more you learn about your body and how to treat it.
43)  Its Fun  (It's the Most fun at Fit 2 Wed class :)
Exercise can be very fun to do.  Find an activity you really enjoy and stick with it.  It only gets better once you start to see and feel results.
42)  Decrease the risk of osteoporosis
As a woman, osteoporosis should be looked at very seriously.  By exercising, you are increasing the density of your bones as well as improving the circulation of calcium throughout the body.  Both of these are very important for improving bone health.
41)  Improve Digestion  ( very important)
Keeping the digestive system at top notch is very important for comfortability during pregnancy.  Exercise will help improve this portion of your health.
40)  Look more lively
Your blood flow to your skin will increase when you exercise regularly.  This will give yourself a more healthy radiant complexion.
39)  Improves sex life (Amen to this one)
Hormones might be playing a large role in this during your pregnancy, but exercise has proven to improve your sex life.
38)  Helps minimize varicose veins
Here’s is an easy remedy to prevent or fix vericose veins.  Just exercise regularly to avoid them.
37)  Strengthen the heart
Exercise can do so much for your heart.  It will increase the size and strength of your heart which will improve contractile function of the heart and increase cardiac output.
36)  Improves posture
Keeping your core muscles strong will help reduce your back problems and give you good posture.  Shoulders back, chest out as my dad would always say.
35)  Add years to your life
Exercising gives you a more healthy lifestyle.  A more healthy lifestyle will only improve your longevity.
34)  Increase your sense of control (need I say more)
Hormones are running high throughout pregnancy.  Exercising regularly will help keep yourself in check.
33)  Reduce constipation
Your body requires more nutrients when you exercise.  If your body wants more nutrients, it will get them.  This increases digestive movement and will help reduce constipation.
32)  Prevent wear and tear on your body 
The body goes through a lot during pregnancy.  Keeping the body healthy with exercise can help reduce the wear and tear it may have.  Quicker recover and the reduction of stretch marks can be helped with exercise.
31)  Increased sense of well being and self esteem during and after pregnancy
Your self esteem is much higher when you feel healthier, look better, and know you are doing something which will have great benefits for yourself and your baby.
30)  Reduced chances of a Caesarean birth
Recent studies have shown, women who exercise through pregnancy are more likely not to require a Ceasarean delivery.
29)  Improved Blood Flow
Getting your heart pumping everyday will increase the blood flow which is great for increasing the delivery of nutrients throughout the body and to the baby.
28)  Improved Nervous System
Many exercises are just everyday movements with some extra weight added.  The more you do something, the more quicker your brain can respond to it next time.  This is due to an improved nervous system.  Your reaction time and speed of muscle contraction will be quicker.
27)  Better liver function
Exercising causes your liver to function better removing the wasteful products in your body.
26)  Improved Self Image
The better you look, the better you will feel about yourself.
25)  Reduce depression
Exercising causes the release of endorphins which gives you a sense of happiness.  It is used to treat depression quite often with good results.
24)  Use calories more efficiently
Now those extra meals may not just be used to develop fat.  Exercising will help distribute those calories to the right places.
23)  Improves body composition
The key to having a better looking body is body composition.  By keeping your body fat percentage in check during pregnancy, you are going to have an easier time losing the weight after delivery.
22)  Reduces joint problems
When you become pregnant, your joints become more loose than usual.  This is due to your body making more relaxin which increases ligament and tendon production.  Exercising will strengthen these joints along the way decreasing pain and problems within them.
21)  Improves glycogen storage
Glycogen is your muscle and liver’s store of quick energy.  The more you exercise, the more your body will make.
20)  Teaches the body to use energy more efficiently
A more efficient body has to be a better one.
19)  Increased oxygen transportation in body
Along with having improved cardiac functions, the concentration of myoglobin in the blood is increased.  Myoglobin is used to carry oxygen throughout the body.
18)  More mitochondria in muscle cells
The more you exercise, the more energy your body will produce.  This is done largely because more mitochondria form in the muscles.
17)  More efficient transport of calcium to the body
Improved calcium transportation has many benefits of its own.  Improved bone density and recover is just to name one.
16)  Increased strength and stamina
With increased muscle comes increased strength and stamina.  These both will play a major role in an easier labor. 
15)  Tones body
Just because your pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have an improved body shape.  By increasing lean muscle tissue, you are preparing yourself for an easier time getting that great body after pregnancy.
14)  Increased metabolic rate
A higher metabolic rate will increase your energy levels and also help you control weight gain easier.
13)  Increased coordination and balance
During your pregnancy, you want to reduce the risk of falling or stumbling as much as possible.
12)  Less leg cramps
Regular exercising will increase oxygen transportation in the body which will in turn reduce muscle cramps.  And, who wants muscles cramps?
11)  Decreases the chance of excessive weight gain during pregnancy
If you want that body you had before getting pregnant, you won’t want to over do your weight gain during pregnancy.  Exercising is a great way to keep this in check.
10)  Increased chance of having labor on time or few days early
Get this thing out of me!  After 9 months, I’m sure you’re ready to deliver your baby.  By exercising, you are increasing your chances of delivering on time.
9)    Reduce discomfort during pregnancy
There are many discomforts during pregnancy that can be helped with regular exercise.  Back pain, swelling of extremeties, and mood are just to name a few.
8)    Improves flexibility, range of motion, limberness, etc
Keeping your muscles loose will help during your pregnancy to make sure you don’t over strain any muscles.
7)    Lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure
By increasing cardiovascular strength, you are improving your circulation.  This will ultimately lead to a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure.
6)    Sleep Better
Sleeping is a huge part of proper recovery and maintenance from any strenuous activity in life.  When you exercise, your body will be more relaxed and ready for sleep.
5)    Boost energy levels
Exercising is know to increase energy levels.  Your body adapts to what it does every day.  When you exercise regularly, your body will adapt to provide more energy.
4)    Eliminates back pain while toning butt and thighs
Strengthening your core muscles will greatly reduce if not eliminate completely the common back pain endured during pregnancy.
3)    Regain your prepregnancy figure quicker! 
This is the benefit that most women are after.  Every woman will put on extra weight during pregnancy, and all of these women want to know how to get it off.  Exercising during pregnancy is a key component to doing this the easiest way possible.
2)    Speedier recovery from delivery (so we can be able to care for our baby)
Everytime you exercise, you are breaking down your body.  This allows the body to rebuild itself stronger and better each time.  From doing this all pregnancy, you have conditioned your body to recover quicker.  Delivery can be quite strenious on your body and you will need time to recover.
Who wouldn’t want to have an easier labor?  Well exercising during pregnancy is a great way to achieve this.  A fit heart and conditioned muscles will help ease delivery.  Controlled breathing will help decrease pain and more endurance will help with a longer labor.

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