Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's a ?

 We had our doctor's appointment and said we did not want to know the gender, so we brought the envelope for her to write it down for us.

I don't know what we were thinking cause we did not want to know, but we were watching the ultrasound the whole time and thought we figured it out, so we had to open the envelope that night.

It was so fun and the anticipation made it even more exciting. We went to this amazing boutique called what's kickin.

 We picked out boy shoes and blanket and girl shoes and blanket.  Gave the envelope to the clerk.  She went in the back and boxed up whatever gender it was.  Thanks Sarah N. for the idea it made it way more fun than just opening the envelope.  
We were so excited we just had to tell his family that night, so we drove up to Rancho.  His family loves pink berry, so we picked it up on our way.
 We told them there are blueberries on the bottom if it's a boy and raspberries if it is a girl.
I wish you could have seen my nephew Ryan's expression and excitement - hilarious! 

 They all got to dig in to find out. 

 My family is in Hawaii and I wanted to include the kids some how to tell them.  My sister came up with this great idea to have them all draw pictures of what they thought we were having and they could show me over the webcam.  I loved it! 
Kaylani drew herself holding a baby girl on the couch. 
 My dad's pic
 Kanoa drew our baby like sponge bob square pants holding a wii remote.  I'm so happy we will have these for the baby book. 
 The girls all thought we were having a girl and the boys thought boy.  Kalea drew the baby with hair like rapunzel. 
 Allie drew our baby as a girl with a big mouth and big head.
 For class,  I wrapped this box up and the girls got to unwrap it after class.  I forgot to get the pic before hand, just too much excitement for me.  Honestly...it was on the perfect day cause it was pouring down rain at class, but still had a good turn out.  I think just because they wanted to know.  Thanks girls for showing up! 

 The balloons popped out to let them know IT'S A BOY!!!!

 There were more, but this pic is several days later. 

Here is my pic I showed the kids.

Above are our gift we picked out and go to open. 
I'm so happy we decided to find out.  It was so exciting and made it so much for real for Dan. 
His name is Jedidiah James Thomas

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