Thursday, November 3, 2011

A mother's breakfast

 So...I'm finding out there are more pregnant women who follow my blog than I thought, so I'll include some tips that I'm doing while pregnant. 
I'm already going to be 15 weeks on Saturday!
I posted those yummy oatmeal (no sugar, gluten free, dairy free) blueberry pancakes a few months ago, but some people were asking what kind of oatmeal.  I recommend Trader Joe's Rolled Oats for the pancakes cause it is gluten, wheat, and crap free.
Plus, it is a big bag for a good price.  The gluten free oats at the health food store are so expensive, so this is a way better buy.'s (you probably already know this, but if not)  I heard it's good for milk supply.
I don't know if that applies while I'm still pregnant, but I'm hoping it will help my milk supply after I deliver. 

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