Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fit Pregnancy

I'm so thankful I was able to workout while preggo.  It helped so much with labor and bouncing back post- delivery.

For all the girls in class here is an update of 10 things to remember to care for you and baby while working out.

Safe Baby Bump Workout Tips 

1. Breathe Mama Breathe- If you can't breath, that means baby is lacking in oxygen.  Make sure you are working out at a pace where you can still talk and breath.  You can workout at a level that you are still getting your heart beat up and breathing a little hard, but just not ever breathless.  Drop the intensity to protect your baby.

2. ALWAYS listen to your body - If you feel sharp pains, cramping, or any discomfort back off the intensity, switch exercises, or stop all together.  Use your intuition, if you have a bad gut feeling that you should not do something don't.  Avoid getting overtired.  You may start a workout and feel great for just 30 min then feel too tired to go on, that's okay take it easy then or pack it up and call it a day. We would rather have you come and try and have to leave early than to not come at all or continue and risk that baby coming too early.

3. Stay off Your Back - Avoid laying flat on your back for longer than 30 seconds during 2nd and 3rd Trimester - It reduces blood flow to your brain and your baby, which is not healthy.  Use an incline bench or just lean back to still do many of the same exercises.

4. Stay Hydrated. Most likely will be sweating more than normal, so it's important to replace fluids lost.  Make sure to not get overheated.

5. Stay Balanced - It's easy to get dizzy, light headed, and off balance with your equilibrium getting thrown off.  Might need to hold on to something for better balance or take a little more time to slowly get up off the ground or get down on to the ground. Steer clear of activities that involve falling or direct impact (horseback riding, wake boarding, skiing, etc. nothing you have to worry about at class).  As well as activities you could loose your balance and fall or get hit (drop out of any partner medicine ball throwing exercises) 

6. False Flexibility - Your body produces a hormone that will loosen up your joints and ligaments, so be very careful not to over stretch.  Even though you feel like you can do more than you could pre-bump, it's best to not push the stretch further than you normally would. (Forget about the high kicks I would do in class cause I was so excited to finally be able to get my leg up so high, not a good idea to copy) 

7. Constant Change- Your body may feel different from one day to the next, somedays you may feel great jogging and the next day need to stick to walking.  It's okay a lot is happening and it's important to be flexible.  

8. Think Fit & Healthy - Not Athletic Training or Weight Loss = Now is the best time to care for your body and your little baby and working out does that.  Think about your workouts as a way to stay healthy, not to lose weight or to improve your fitness level. I recommend working at about 70% effort.  

9. Do Nourish your Body - Since you are burning more calories with your workout, it's important to make sure you are eating enough to nourish you and the baby. 

10. Get cleared from your doctor that it is okay for you to continue to workout.  

For all those that just had a baby...stay tuned and I will post tips for after delivery as well and for those who are trying to get pregnant.  

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