Thursday, August 15, 2013

Navitas Naturals - Dragon Fruit

 I was so excited to see one of my absolute favorite brands at the IDEA health & Fitness Expo. I just love Navitas Naturals!
 I was able to sample their new products and the dragon fruit -tropical superfruit- it is delicious.
Dragon Fruit has the perfect sweetness and a good chewy texture.  It's full of Iron, Magnesium (54mg in 1oz), and a good source of fiber.

 Trying to hold the baby bump, so it looks like I'm pregnant and not that I've just gained 10 pounds!
They also came out with a coconut water powder that you just mix with water. I think it breaks down to a lot less to buy the powder than the cartons, but would need to double check.  This new powder makes it easier to travel on the airplane with as well.

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