Wednesday, September 4, 2013

True Food Kitchen

 I'm in LOVE with the True Food Kitchen!!!
My new favorite restaurant for sure.
 In San Diego, its at Fashion Valley Mall located near the Cheesecake Factory and Blooomingdales, but they do have other locations as well.

Joanne, Uncle Orville, My mom, My dad, Me & Baby (20 weeks pregnant) 

 I went with my parents who were visiting and my great uncle Orville and his girlfriend Joanne.  I always love seeing my uncle Orville.  He is 84yr old and has perfect health.  He never even ages every time I see him he looks the same.

He inspires me cause he eats healthy, exercises consistently, has fun in his life by dancing up to 3x a week, takes short power naps for 10 min daily, gardens, and can pretty much fix anything.  It's just so nice and refreshing to see people who are consistent in caring for their health and then seeing the benefits of that.
 They even grow their own fresh herbs in the front!

 True Food was created by Dr. Andrew Weil's and the menu is all about whole real food.  He focuses on "anti-inflammatory" meals.

 They make fresh juices there.
 Great quotes.

 You can actually see into the kitchen to watch them chop all the vegetables - it's great!
 I loved going with a bunch of people, so I could try a bite of all the different meals. Everything was so delicious.  You have to check it out.

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