Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whatever it takes...clear skin

Stress does a number on our bodies in lot of different ways. Unfortunately for me, it show up on my face. To battle these breakouts, besides buying good product lines, eating the best quality whole foods, drinking tons of water, I'm trying this new thing recommended from an amazing nutritionist (I will talk about in a later post).
I know stress and hormones plays a major role in the clarity of my skin, but there has got to be something nutrition wise besides eating cucumbers and all the other good skin clearing foods. Foods are healing for just about everything, or maybe I'm allergic to something, or most likely I just need to slow down and stop stressing out.
What I'm testing out: Himalayan Pink Salt- this is absolutely terrible, right up there with the ACV shots! The nutritionist has found it helpful with her clients, so I'm trying it. I'll let you know how it goes, after 2 weeks. I'm mixing 1/2 tsp with water and drinking it daily. I hate salty stuff, so this drink is hard to stomach, but the minerals are supposed to be great.

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