Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coconut Water

With teaching so many classes, I'm always looking for way to recover quicker. Lauren brought these coconut waters to the last day of class boot camp potluck and they are great. I bought them at Henry's and had one after yesterday's rain make-up class and it tastes really good and made me feel great afterward. They are expensive, so I just had 1/2 and saved 1/2 for after my next workout.

Below is some of the benefits of coconut water and you can visit the website posted below to read more.

O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is 100% natural, and has five essential electrolytes (calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and sodium), more potassium than a banana (15 times the amount of potassium as most sports drinks, without the artificial chemicals found in sports drinks.), no added sugars, no fat, no cholesterol, and no preservatives. Additionally, O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is a naturally sweet, low calorie, hydrating beverage. Due to proprietary manufacturing processes, O.N.E.™ Coconut Water never comes into contact with light or oxygen, maintaining its fresh taste and nutrient content.

O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is excellent for replacing lost
electrolytes from exercise or illness
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is an all-natural sports/energy drink
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is a natural isotonic beverage – contains a similar level of electrolytes found in human blood.
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water may help promote smoother,
more hydrated skin
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is non-allergenic
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is rich in potassium. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and heart function
O.N.E.™ Coconut Water is an effective oral rehydration medium and keeps the body cool.

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