Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A few Lunch & Dinner Ideas

I've recently been having this a lot and love it. I mix a whole bunch of different greens (kale, spring mix, romain lettuce, & spinach) w/ 1 tablespoon of Annie Goddess dressing
The first time I tried the Goddess dressing I did not like it, but the second time I did and now it is my new favorite. This happens a lot with me where I may not like it at first, but love it later. Sometimes I don't like things at first, but I strongly recommend trying them again. I didn't like the Kashi heart to heart at first, the Greek total zero yogurt, tomatoes, etc. At the beginning of class and you are trying different foods, I recommend always giving them a second chance.
I like that it has Apple Cider Vinegar in it and not fake processed junk.
I topped it with 4 oz grilled chicken
I also had a mini wrap with my salad to get some good complex carbs in at lunch
1/2 Ezekiel Tortilla w/ some lettuce and chicken

Went to Sushi the other night with friends and I love to get the Sashimi when going out for sushi.

I'm so happy there was a little bit of left over lentil soup from the Nutritional Seminar.
I love it! This was the recipe of the week from this weeks newsletter. It is really filling, low calories, and loaded with good vegetables, fiber, and protein.
To mix it up I had it over Quinoa and it was delicious.

Making large pots of soup or one pot meals can be great when you are short on time. Starting your meal with a soup or salad can be a great way to get in more vegetables and to consume less calories.

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