Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snack Time- A few of my favorite snacks

I love to do a quick protein shake. Sometime I will make a large shake and have 1/2 at one time and save 1/2 for later.
I love the Unsweetened Almond Milk & Jay Robb protein powder. I also love my shaker container that I pack my shakes in, if I'm taking them with me. I got it a Henry's.
Ezekiel Tortillas are another favorite of mine with Almond Butter.
I just wrap it in foil and take it to go.

Addicted to these Mary's crackers with Avocado- keeps me full for a long time and tastes great! My favorite flavor is the herb and original. I've tried the black pepper and caraway, which are okay, but not as good as the other two.
I like to sprinkle the avocado with Sea Seasoning, which is a great way to get in healthy sea vegetables. You can sprinkle it on anything that you would sprinkle salt on. Some times I also like to add some low sodium turkey with the crackers and avocado.

I'm so happy Laura Ohme told me about these in class. I love them!!!
Individual packages of Edamame- it is already shelled and 59 calories

I bought them at whole foods in the frozen section, with the frozen vegetables.
Sponge Bob has the pods 38 calories & 3g fiber
Dora Dora is already shelled- 59 calories & 5g fiber

Celery & Almond Butter
Celery is a great snack that is full of fiber and water.
I like to pair it up with almond butter for healthy fat and a little protein to keep me satisfied longer.

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