Monday, April 6, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner at Pearl Chinese Restaurant

We are so excited for our friends Howard and Nicole who are getting married.
Dan is in the wedding and they had the rehearsal dinner at Pearl in Rancho Bernardo. It was an 8 course dinner. Howard is Chinese, so it was great to learn about the different types of Chinese food.
Eating Healthy for Chinese Food
I really didn't know if we were going to be able to order off the menu or if the menu was set.
A lot of Chinese food is fried, has lots of oil, and is covered in a heavy sauce. Soups are normally a great way to go with about 100 calories per cup and if you can request steamed vegetables and a meat that is not fried or covered in heavy sauce.
I did eat a little before I went because in case the menu was set that way I was not starving. I'm glad I did because they had peeking duck, fried pork, Mongolian beef, etc.
I loved the Jasmine tea and pretty much drank the whole pot without even thinking about the caffeine at night, which made me wired.
I did fill up on the vegetables and had some of the chicken and vegetables, but skipped out on the rest of the courses.

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