Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You are Amazing!

Hi Ladies,

I just really want to express how excited I am to see all of you working so hard in class and doing so well. Especially, if you are new to class, please remember that as you continue to push yourself you will get stronger and build your endurance, but it really takes consistency and perseverance.

Remember if you are new to working out of haven't worked out consistently in a while it takes some time to build up you fitness level, but before you know it you will really be able to see that improvement.

I understand that we do a lot in class and it is challenging. Stick with it and you will continue to see dramatic changes. Celebrate the win each workout- were you able to run a little further without stopping, were you able to run a little faster, or get those last couple of reps in?

Don't ever under estimate yourself. Building that mental toughness is so important to push through the burning feeling and to really have that overload principle that creates a change in your body. All you have to do is come to class and do your best. It really does not matter what anyone else is doing as long as you are coming to class with your game face on ready to just be the best you that you can be.

I also really care about form a lot, so remember you can always drop down to the modified version to be able to keep going with good form, instead of just stopping. I also care about injury prevention, so know your limits even if that means you have to break for a few seconds and jump back in. Don't worry I will know if you are stopping to stop, or if it is really needed.

I just love getting to know all of you more and I'm so excited to see the changes in you already.

See you at boot camp!

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