Sunday, May 24, 2009

lunch made easy

I picked up some grilled vegetables and salmon from Whole foods and added them to my salad at home.

On the side I had a mini Ezekiel tortilla with raw broccoli, daikon radish, red radish, and Whole Foods Hummus (it is really good because they added Tahini to it).

If you are trying to add in more radishes after Christa spoke on Saturday, I think this is a great way to dip them in hummus. Radishes are good for emulsifying fat. I also like them on salad or just my themselves. The Daikon Radish looks like a carrot and I think it tastes much better than the red radishes. I normally buy the mini bag of radishes at Trader Joe's , but they are really spicy and I end up not using them all because of that. However, the Radishes at Whole Foods are really good and fresh.

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