Saturday, May 16, 2009

Organic To Go

Katherine M. got these great wraps at the bridal/baby shower from Organic To Go.
I've wanted to check them out, so Stacey and I went this week.
It was so hard to find because it is in the bottom of an office building with no signs out side the building as to where it is. If you work downtown or in UTC it is a great place to grab a quick healthy lunch.

They have a cold section of healthy bag lunches, wraps, sandwiches, yogurt, & drinks. You can also order off the menu and have it ready in no time.

I love the salad bar fully loaded with great vegetables.

I got a loaded salad with spring mix, spinach, quinoa, corn, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, etc. and just used my own Annie's dressing that I packed. I also tried a sample bite of the chicken basil chili, which was good.
They also cater for party's and events. Below is their website for locations and to view the menu.


  1. You know what's funny? Justin works in that same bldg downtown with the Organic. I always tell him how jealous I am that he can just go down the elevator to the most wonderful healthy lunch all the time!
    Justin also mentioned that there is a stand alone Oragnic one block over on 6th and B. That one does have a sign on it, but it is always busy since not many people know about the one in the Merril bldg.

  2. Good to know. Thanks! Especially for all the ladies in class that work downtown.