Monday, June 15, 2009

12 Week Appointment Times

Call today to book your appointment!

12 week measurement appointment times listed below. Please call asap to get your desired appointment time.

To remain in the competition, you have to have your completed your 12 week appointment by Thursday July 2nd. If you are in the competition and have an earlier appointment and would like to do a final weight in on the last day of class, that will be available for you as well.

Please email with your top three appointments times.

If you are coming from work or on your lunch break, you can always change at my office into something you can take your measurements and body fat in if you need to.

I recommend wearing the same outfit as your initial appointments, so your after pictures are in the same outfit.

Appointments are 30 minutes for those signing up for the July 20th -October 10th boot camp and 15 minutes for those who are not signing up.

If you regularly take Brianna's class and would like to do your measurements with her, I also listed times available her her as well.

Thursday 6/25
5-7pm Brianna

Friday 6/26
10-12pm Brianna
12-3pm Jessica

Saturday 6/27

Sunday 6/28

Monday 6/29
8-12pm Brianna
12:30-6pm Jessica

Tuesday 6/30
7-4pm Jessica

Wednesday 7/1

Thursday 7/2 (last day of appointments)
7:15am- 2:30pm Jessica
5-7pm Brianna

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