Sunday, June 14, 2009

Healthy Food To Go

I got both of these salad shakers to compare, but I like them both for different occasions.
The square fit & fresh container has a built in freezer pack, so I don't have to put it in a cooler. It also has portable utensils. The dressing goes in the yellow part at the top and I just turn it to release the dressing in and shake it up. The good thing about this dressing release is that I can also just put a little bit of dressing and turn it to stop it from releasing the rest.
I just love it!!! I got it at Target.

The circle Shaker is from the Container store. This was one of the raffle prizes at class.
Some of the girls in class and my sister told me about this one. The dressing goes in the top and you just press it down to release the dressing and shake it up.
I like this for throwing in my cooler. They have a big one as well as a smaller size. I love huge salads, so I like the big one.

These were also raffle give aways for those who have been doing and bringing their journal to class.
They have the portion size labeled on the side of the container and the freezer pack on the top of the lid. I have so much difficulty with my freezer packs leaking on me, so I tried these and I like them. You can find them at Target.
These are such a great way to still eat healthy when you are not at home.

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