Friday, June 5, 2009

Eating out?

Eating Out? Tips that can knock off hundreds of Calorie & keep you feeling great

-Fresh fruit with yogurt
-Oatmeal or cold, whole-grain cereals with nonfat milk
-Ask for egg substitute or egg white omelets.
-Any egg dish on the menu can usually be modified.
-Just remember to ask them to hold the cheese, bacon, and/or sausage. Also, ask to cook with a non-stick spray instead of butter.•

-Choose whole-wheat bread over white bread, without the butter Sandwiches
Request no mayonnaise, cheese or oil. Replace with other toppings such as mustard or hummus
-Choose whole-grain breads over white, refined breads
Avoid high-fat breads, such as grilled breads, focaccia breads or croissants
-Avoid the "Super Size" sandwiches. If it is a better deal, try saving the other half for the next day or split with a friend
-Rather than choosing chips with your sandwich, opt for the fresh fruit

Chinese/Asian Restaurants
-Request that less oil be used in sauces or no oil (ask for broth or stock instead). Most sauces are very high in fat and sodium!
-Choose tofu, fish or white poultry; rather than pork or red meat.
-Choose items with large portions of vegetables.
-Opt for streamed rice (brown if possible), rather than fried rice. Limit rice to small portions!• -If a dish includes nuts, ask the chef to leave them out.
-Split a meal! Restaurants serve far more than one person needs for one meal.
-Avoid wontons, egg rolls, sweet and sour choices, fried rice, fried dumplings, sesame noodles, egg foo young, and tempura.

-Avoid the garlic bread, which is loaded with butter. Also, try not to fill up on the white Italian breads, which are placed on your table before your meal arrives.
-Start with a minestrone soup or large green salad before your meal.
-Marinara or tomato sauce without the meat is the best bet. Avoid the cream-and cheese- based sauces.
-Pasta with red sauce (marinara, red clam, or Marsala) is a great choice unless the sauce has high fat meat such as sausage.
-Avoid cream sauces such as Alfredo or butter sauce. Also avoid beef lasagna, cheese sauce or filling, pesto, sausage dishes and garlic bread.
-Avoid sprinkling extra Parmesan cheese over your entrée.
-Portions are BIG at Italian restaurants. Try splitting a meal with a friend or take half home.
-Pizza: Vegetable pizzas can have half the calories of the "works" type. Ask for extra vegetables to replace the meat on pizza
-You can request ½ the cheese as well.
-Blot the top of the pizza to remove excess oil and save up to 100 calories.
- Go for thin crust.
-Limit 1-2 slices.

-Avoid the Mexican rice. Ask your server if you can substitute the rice with a side salad.
-Avoid the tortilla chips that are presented at your table.
-Refried beans often contain lard, cheese, or bacon. Do not assume they are fat-free unless stated on the menu. In their place, ask for cooked pinto or black beans that are not mashed or fried.
- Go light on the toppings. Use salsa in place of sour cream, guacamole or cheese. Pile on extra lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa.
- Request soft corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas.
-Soft corn tacos or vegetable fajitas are the best way to go since you can control the toppings. Just be sure the ingredients are not breaded and deep-fried.
-Watch out for taco salad shells that can have more than 1,000 calories. Side Items
-Choose healthier side items such as green salads, baked sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables
-Avoid French fries, large portions of baked/mashed white potatoes, coleslaw or potato salad

Most ImportantStop eating when you are satisfied, not full. Eat slow and savor your food.

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