Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of Boot Camp Challenge

If you have not partnered up with another boot camper in class, it is not too late.
Partner up with someone in class to help give up your vices or to start a new healthy habit.

The bet goes until the end of boot camp Oct. 10th. (Although, there are some returning boot campers that have extended it for 6 weeks)

What to Do..
1. Pick an accountability partner (share email/facebook/phone number info)
2. Share what you plan on doing or not doing for the next two weeks
3. Decide what your consequence and rewards will be

Ex. I love and stole Michelle's groups idea- One of then gave up sweets and the other gave up chips, if they give in then they have to buy the other girl a lululemon top. She just said in class this morning that they were able to call each other last night when they wanted to cave and to encourage each other to stick it out.

My partner and I have a $75 gift card to lululemon that we have to owe the other person or treat our self after boot camp. She gave up eating off her husbands plate and I have to post my food on the blog at least 4 days a week and go to yoga 2x a week.

I'm telling you once you tell someone and partner up it is amazing how much easier it is to either start or stop a habit.

-always eating popcorn at the movies
-snacking while cooking/working/watching tv
-late nite eating-set a time
-eat while sitting down
-go to allllll bootcamps!
-drinking alcohol/soda
-note measuring and then overeating
-eating off of hubby's plate
-not planning meals ahead/resorting to a vending machine
-give up those starbucks! (if not coffee/tea...or something healthy, low cal)
-all drive thru's
-not writing in food journal
-not drinking enough H2O-set a minimum goal/day
-give up a particular "trigger food"

just some ideas, "food for thought" :)

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