Friday, September 11, 2009


Hi Ladies,

This is your last chance to take advantage of this awesome opportunity with Christa Orecchio, from The Whole Journey. This is going to be a great event, we would recommend this to everyone that can attend!

Also, don't forget that in addition to everything that is included below, you will now get a free month of yoga at the Little Yoga Studio in downtown.

Time: September 19th, 9am-7pm
Location: Indigo Village: 1054 Second Street, Encinitas 92024

"An all inclusive one day wellness seminar tailored to change how, why and what you eat for the rest of your life"

During this weekend, you will learn how to:

- Find your natural weight by working with your body instead of against it

- Improve digestions, assimilation, and eliminations

- Minimize or eliminate cravings

- Stabilize blood sugar and hormones

- Customize an exercise and detox program to meet your needs

- Improve energy, moods, and mental clarity

- Cultivate an incredibly healthy relationship with food

Session 1 (9-11:30am)

Ph balance for optimal health- the hows and the whys

Targeted supplementation for deficiencies

Leafy greens and complex carbs

Healthy snacks, condiments, oils and fats

Yoga Class (Vinyansa flow) 11:30-12:30pm

Lunch Break 12:30-2pm

Session 2 (2-4pm)

Primary foods- things that feed you other than food

Deconstructive and eliminating cravings

Energetics of food; macrobiotic theory; Yin/Yang

Blood sugar and hormonal balance for optimal moods and energy levels

Food allergies, sensitivities and digestive wellness

Session 3 Whole foods cooking class (4:30-7pm)

Learn how two hours of prep becomes a week's worth of convenient, healthy 10 minute meals

Dinner & Wine included


$195 for Boot Campers

$225 for all other participants

Call or visit the website below to sign up!


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