Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Italy Farmers Market

Today is the Little Italy Farmers Market. Check out Peace Pies for raw, vegan, organic, and gluten free entrees and goodies. Cathy and I went after class two weeks ago and so far, out of the ones I have gone to, it is the best farmers market I have been to in San Diego.

This is a raw pumpkin pie from peace pies.

Squash is a great food to pick up at the farmers market for butternut squash fries, soup, or to roast and put on top of a salad.

You can find a lot of fresh, organic, in season fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
Since, I have to get ready for the nutritional seminar today, I won't be going after class. However, I will let you ladies know if I'm running over there after the Saturday's boot camp and you can join me.

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