Saturday, October 10, 2009


The Republic of Tea has such amazing teas. A few of my favorites are...
I love this Ginger Peach Green tea. I have been having it every morning. Most important is to not leave the tea bag in too long. The longer it sits the more bitter it will be, but if I only let is steep for a few minutes then the tea has a natural sweet taste without adding anything.

I really think that is the key, if you are used to adding sweeteners to your tea, is finding really good tasting fruity teas that are good by themselves.

Debbie thanks so much for telling me about this tea!!! The Pumpkin Chai Red Tea is a Crate & Barrel special tea from the Republic of Tea. Is is perfect for fall.

They have a variety of different ones I would like to try, but so far I have only tried the pumpkin one from Crate & Barrel. They have a chocolate truffle that is probably really good.

I have been waiting all year for this tea to come back. The Hot Apple Cider tastes like apple cider minus all the calories. Another great tea for the fall. You can find this at Cost Plus World Market and if you give them your email you can get 25% off. Whole Foods also carries it.

I enjoy starting and ending my day with a cup of tea.

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