Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going back to School- Institute for Integrative Nutriton

I love learning about the nutrition and it plays such a huge role in healing the body. I've always wanted to further my education in nutrition to be able to help my clients even more.
Since, working with Christa from The Whole Journey, it has really inspired me to pursue my education further by being a certified holistic health councilor. I've wanted to go back to school for a long time and after much prayer I decided to stop talking about it and do it. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is a school in New York that has an amazing program and unique approach. It is one of the schools that Christa went to and they have a great distance learning program. You can check out the website below to view a video that sums up what they are all about.

I was so excited to come home after my trip to Missouri to find my box that I have been waiting for. As a part of the distance learning program they send you an ipod with all the lectures on it.
A few days later my box of books arrived.

I love it! I could stay up all night and read the integrative nutrition book it is that good.
My classes don't start until Feb and I will be done in December of next year. If anyone is interested in pursuing a career that can really impact and change peoples lives, I highly recommend looking into this school.

From the website
"Since 1992, Integrative Nutrition has been at the forefront of holistic nutrition education, offering comprehensive training in health counseling. Our guest speakers are the world’s leading experts in nutrition and wellness, including Andrew Weil, MD, Arthur Agatston, MD, Barry Sears, PhD, Mark Hyman, MD and Deepak Chopra. Our curriculum teaches a wide variety of skills in business, counseling, nutrition and lifestyle choices. You will study all the major dietary theories from Ayurveda to The Zone and learn how to integrate traditional nutrition philosophies with modern health concepts and guide clients to find what diet works for them".

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