Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wed 11/19 Flight to Missouri

I packed my food for the plane and just threw in some small ice packs to keep it cold.
I love the Green Fix from the Farmers Market. When I don't have time to juice it is a great way to get in lots of greens and it has a little sweet taste to it. I just added in 2 Tbsp of Living Harvest Hemp protein powder to add some more protein in.
I'm flying stand-by and got first class- I love it!
Got the fruit platter.
Flying over Colorado- the snow is beautiful.

I packed a wrap to take with me before I left.

Wrap (240 calories)
  • spelt tortilla
  • applegate farms chicken
  • spinach, kale, mixed greens
  • broccoli sprouts
  • shredded carrots
  • shredded Daikon radish
  • garlic hummus

Love being here with Allie.

My sister took me to Jason's Deli for lunch. They have organic food and lots of healthy options on the menu. I got the salad bar with lots of veggies and apple slices for dessert.

They have a lot of Jason's Deli out here in the midwest, but only one in Ca in Riverside.

Apple for a snack along with my Larabar

My sister Jenn is the best. I love being here with her. She lives in a small town where Wal Mart is the major store, so she took me to Whole Foods on the way home.
Loaded up on some healthy food at Whole Foods.

Dinner in the car on the drive home. The roasted Brussels sprouts at the UTC whole foods are the best. The brussel spouts here just don't compare.

Roasted Vegetables

Spicy Curry Turkey- very yummy!
If you are traveling for the holidays, a little bit of planning goeas a long way. When traveling, I think the biggest thing is to plan ahead by taking what you can with you so it is easy to still eat really healthy.

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