Thursday, December 3, 2009

0-5 hunger level

Do you even find yourself eating even when you are not hungry? Or waiting until you are so starving that you will settle for crap food?
Step 1:
In your journals, on the left hand side of the time box, I would like you to record your hunger level from a scale of 0-5.
0= not hungry at all
5= starving
Focus on really listening to your body and trying to eat with you are about a level 3-4. Pay attention to not getting to the point that you are so hungry or mindlessly eating when your body does not need any food.
Step 2:
The second part, is making sure you also stop eating when your body has had enough.
If you ate just the right amount, put a star on the right hand margin next to calorie box.
If you overate, put an "X" next that box.
Remember it is okay to leave the table a little hungry because it normally takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain enough already. Eating slowly can also help to really stay in tune with fueling your body with just the right amount.

The important thing is really listening to your body and paying attention to trends in your eating habits that are good or needs improvement.

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