Thursday, December 10, 2009

12/9- Creamy Tomato Soup

The Green Fix- Is perfect to have on hand when I don't want the hassle of cleaning the juicer.
Thanks so much Paula for picking this up for me. You can get it at the Farmers Market. It is such a good way to get in a lot of greens and it is slightly sweet.

This brand of coconut water was cheaper than the other ones, so I picked it up to try. It tastes just like the other ones. They are expensive, so I try to stock up when they are on sale.
Berries - when you workout a lot is it important to eat even more antioxidants.

I also had an apple later- not shown

Evolution Incredible Vegetable- I really like this veggie drink. It actually tastes really good.
NEW FAVORITE SOUP- If you like tomato soup- this is a great one to get.
I really like this brand Imagine. It is light in sodium, vegan, dairy free, & organic. It is 80 calories a cup. It is on sale at Henry's.
I also had steamed veggies, and salmon burger from TJ, with a sweet potato.
I love meals that I can just put together and not have to make anything.
I just warmed everything up- everything was already cooked.
Addicted- love these carob chips frozen- tastes like chocolate chips.
I took an Ezekiel tortilla with 1 tbsp almond butter and a few carob chips and cooked it on the stove so the carob chips melted.
More soup for dinner- I added in some Mary's Crackers.
Needed some protein so I just had some Applegate farms chicken.

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