Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm back

It is so good to see all of you boot campers now that I'm back from Hawaii. I know I have been MIA from the blog, but my family is spread out so when everyone (or almost) everyone is together I want to really be able to spend time with everyone. However, I would like to fill you in on some good finds and recipes from my trip.

I know there are a lot of you who travel for work and airport food and time changes can really jack up your healthy eating.
Here are some tips that work for me.
Know the time change. Hawaii is 2 hours earlier than Ca, so I knew that I needed to eat less because my day was going to be longer and I had to get up early. The solution. Nap on the plane and pack foods that are filling, but low in calories. Being conscious about the time changes can be all you need to make sure you balance your calories out. Hydrate. I always buy a water at the airport so I can take it with me on the plane. I also pre-hydrate before I get on the plane, since it is so dry that way I don't have to go to the bathroom the whole flight. Also, remember you are just sitting on your butt for hours you don't need a lot of calories anyways.

Leaving for a trip can have added stress making sure I don't forget anything and having an early flight does always leave room for a nice breakfast. Veggie juice in the am was perfect for me to still pack, get ready, and get some veggies in. I tried the green juice from Trader Joe's and had to dump it it tasted horrible- maybe I had a bad one. However, this veggie one is so so good. #1. Take your food with you. You never know what will be available or not available. I just packed my food in a gallon size back and just added in an ice pack.

I packed my salad in a bag to save space and just ate it right out of the bag. Added some chicken and already mixed in a little dressing when I packed it and has some berries. I always feel more satisfied when I get protein in early in the day.

Plane snacks- veggies and hummus, applegate chicken and the rest of my berries.

This is the kids lunch from the kids across from me. I am so impressed with the changes that Hawaiian airlines has made to their menu. From what I could see the kids menu has a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with carrots and a box of raisins. They also offer and almond butter sandwich. They used to just have a turkey sandwich on a croissants with oreos and chips. I'm so happy with the healthy changes they have made. They also use the brand Cederlane for the adult entrees, which carries a lot of healthier options. They also offer sushi and salad meals that cost $10. My husband thinks I'm weird that I kept talking about it on the plane, but I'm ecstatic to see a major airline offering healthier options especially for kids meals. I wish more restaurants would stop offering hot dogs and fried food for the kids menu.
Packed a wrap.
Got to Hawaii and finished 1/2 my wrap and added an apple with lots of cinnamon.
Was out in the water surfing 2 hours after landing. I love it! My parents live 1.2 miles from the beach it is the best! My crazy family. I miss them already.

Dinner- You have got to get these salmon burger from Costco. They are amazing. I broke them up on salads, ate them cold, had them just plain because they have a lot of flavor. 170 calories for one. We cooked them on the bbq as well as the stove top and they both were excellent. I hope they have them at my Costco. Mixed greens with grilled asparagus on top. The perfect bikini body foods.

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