Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paradise Found

New Favorite Place!!! If only this was in San Diego. So I found two places that are health food stores and healthy fast food. If you live or visit Hawaii (Oahu) you have to go here. Angela I don't know if you still read this, but it is amazing! It is on the North Shore. The health food store is super expensive, but has good stuff. I loved this place so much I went here 3 different times during my trip when we would spend the day on the North Shore.
Giovanni's shrimp truck is supposed to be the best on the island, so while my family filled up on buttery garlic shrimp I was able to run across the street to the health food store :)

Meal #1- I ordered Garlic something tempeh that was served with a salad and brown rice. AMAZING! I loved it! Tons of veggies and lots of flavor.
The surf at Pipes was insane!

Back to the North Shore again.
Meal #2- I ordered this yummy ginger basil quinoa salad.
It had a tahini dressing that was delicious.

I look so serious here, but really I'm so happy about this place. I got an over priced kombucha for a nice treat. The guava is the perfect flavor for being in Hawaii. On Dan's lap is my adorable niece baby Allie.

I love that my grandparents flew out for Christmas. They are both in their 80's and workout regularly.

Meal #3- Last trip to the North Shore for Dan to get in on some big waves. I got an avocado sandwich. The best sandwich I have ever had. It had Veganaise, onion, tomatoe, avocado, lemon, pepper, and toasted whole grain bread. Enjoyed this on a nice picnic at the beach with Dan.
I tried making these meals on my own. I'll show you on a later post.

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