Thursday, January 28, 2010


- Don't forget to fill out your homework pages for this week
- Complete the calorie calculator that got emailed out (if you did not get it, please let me know)
- Goal this week is to add in one more serving of vegetables and one more 8 oz class of water (if you are not already at the recommended amount 1 liter for every 50#)
- Make sure you purchase and/or bring your 5# dumbbells by Monday Feb. 1st. Any set will do. I know you maybe laughing at using only 5#, but seriously they will feel like 20# at times. Please do not bring weights heavier than 5# to risk throwing out your shoulder, since we run and do jumping jacks with them. Also, please do not disguise your 2# DB as 5#.
- Make sure you have signed and returned the refrigeRAIDERS form as well as the policy form (if you did not get one, I will have them at Sat. class)

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