Friday, February 26, 2010

ki's restaurant

My new favorite breakfast that is so easy and quick is 2 big handfuls of spinach cooked till wilted with a little bit of olive oil and 1 egg with sea seasoning sprinkle and a side of mixed berries.

So...I've been so lazy and have had no desire to cook or grocery shop, which I normally love to do. I went to Ki's Restaurant in Solana beach and ordered two salads one for post-workout breakfast and one for dinner. Shown above is the salmon salad- delicious.

Made lunch with Ci- tilapia with lemon and roasted veggies. Love it.
Think I might be eating too much fish, but I'm attempting to follow the paleolithic type diet which should help with PCOS and I really like these salads. Above is the seared ahi salad from Ki's the dressing is a wasabi dressing that really makes this a yummy salad.

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