Sunday, February 28, 2010

Macro Treats

These macro treats are a good choice for a cookie. All the ingredients are healthy for you and it also tastes good. The nana's cookies have 2 servings per package and this only has one, which I like. The sweetener used in these cookies are low glycemic. This is the only bar that I have tried, but it does make me want to try the other bars. Has anyone else tried them? How are they?

Gluten Free MacroTreats are made fresh daily and shipped immediately to health food stores and other retailers thus ensuring a fresh minimally processed treat. They contain no gluten, dairy, eggs or animal products. MacroTreats are sweetened with organic agave nectar which is low-glycemic thus avoiding the blood sugar spikes associated with refined sugars, evaporated cane juice and dates. All MacroTreats are certified organic. Baked with whole grains, pea fiber, flax sprouts, fruit and nuts, the high fiber content and the slow-burning complex carbs boost energy levels throughout the day.

MacroNutrient Bars contain seven organic superfoods.

  • • Quinoa – A complete protein with all nine essential amino acids
  • • Flax Sprouts – Extremely high in omega-3
  • • Brown Rice Bran – Helps control blood sugar and cholesterol
  • • Pea Fiber – A concentrated fiber source to assist weight loss
  • • Broccoli Sprouts – Full of cancer protective compounds
  • • Spirulina – Nature’s most concentrated nutrient source
  • • Cinnamon – Improves energy and vitality

They are also high in Omega-3, fiber, folate and many other vitamins and minerals. All three MacroNutrient bars are sweetened with raw organic agave nectar. Each bar is carefully formulated to address individual needs. (information from the gomacro website)

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