Thursday, March 25, 2010

Burger Lounge - Not what I thought

Due to the name "Burger Lounge" it was a restaurant I would not step foot it. I don't eat red meat and hate greasy food. It is not what I though at all. I actually now recommend it. Cie told me about how good their salad was, so I stopped in after a fun morning of shopping the Little Italy farmers market.
I ordered the salads to go. I got the vegetable salad with added chicken, no cheese, and dressing on the side. The good news is the chicken is hormone/antibiotic free and the vegetables are organic :)

It was a big salad, so I saved 1/2 of the chicken and added my own greens to have it for dinner that night.

If you do eat burgers as your 10% this would be a good place to go. They even have quinoa on the menu.


  1. That's funny that you finally went there. I mentioned this place to you last year and you looked at me like I was crazy! Glad you tried it and liked it. It's a good place to go w/a group because there is something for everyone.

  2. Hey Nancy,

    I remember you telling me about Burger Lounge. I'm sure I did look at you like you were crazy. Wish I would have checked it out when you first told me about it. If you have any other healthy organic/hormone/antibiotic free restaurants, let me know I'm always on the look out.